Systemisation as a business concept rose to fame following Michael Gerber’s book “The E-Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”. In the 1988 bestseller, Gerber concludes that the key to consistent business growth lies in following consistent business processes (or systems). 

Systemisation is essential in business travel management. A systemised corporate travel program not only ensures the profitability of staff travel, but ensures that businesses keep travellers safe and exercise their duty of care. 

Below are 5 reasons companies should systemise their business travel management.


1. Systemising Your Business Travel Management is Profitable

Corporate travel management technology is essential to a fully systemised travel program. It allows Travel Managers to control spend, eliminate human error, accelerate approval times and gain strategic insight into staff travel policy performance. With a systemised travel program, businesses can reduce noncompliance with corporate travel policy.

Travel management platforms like Travelport Locomote also feature automation technology that can alert travellers of itinerary changes, or alert Travel Managers of booking requests to high-risk destinations.


2. Onboarding Employees is Faster With Systemisation

Effective systemisation relies on the easy adoption and application of technology, so before you invest in business travel management technology, ensure it is user-friendly and integrates with other business platforms. With an intuitive corporate travel management platform like Travelport Locomote, new staff travellers can get up to speed with the correct way to submit their travel requests.


3. Systemisation Improves Business Travel Risk Management

Risk management is a critical part of any business travel management program. Without a systemised booking and approval process, Travel Managers will struggle to maintain their duty of care. More corporate travellers are visiting high-risk destinations than ever before. Platforms like Travelport Locomote allow Travel Managers to receive automated alerts when staff submit a travel application to a flagged destination - prompting an additional approval stage. 

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In this systemised booking and approval process, the Travel Manager is given the opportunity to carefully review the travel request and decide on extra controls to maintain duty of care. If the travel request is approved, Travel Managers can receive up-to-date safety information, and also receive automated alerts of the traveller’s location.


4. Systemisation is Essential in Expense Management

Just like a systemised approval and booking process can assist Travel Managers in satisfying their duty of care responsibilities, a systemised expense management process allows businesses to ensure the ongoing profitability of their corporate travel program. 

The Travelport Locomote platform integrates with industry leaders in expense management, Expensify, to ensure that staff travellers and Travel Managers have full visibility into their expenses.


5. Systemisation Allows You to Improve Your Business Travel Policies

Using corporate travel management technology to systemise your business travel lays the foundations for continual policy improvement. With systemised booking, approval and expense processes, businesses can make strategic amendments to travel policy that are driven by data. The Travelport Locomote platform provides automated audit reporting with insights from anything from response times, workflow approval and staff traveller booking history.

To experience how Travelport Locomote will brilliantly simplify the way your business travels, view a demo below:

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