Organising a successful business trip is no easy feat. But with countless apps designed for corporate travel, and countless more how-to guides on the topic, it’s easy to see why some business travellers decide to go it alone.

Foregoing a travel management company or agent may present short-term savings. But DIY corporate travellers don’t often appreciate the full extent of work involved in organising a profitable business trip.

Before long, they find themselves drowning in complicated itineraries, smartphone apps with critical limitations and snowballing costs.

Below we explore 5 reasons why business travellers sometimes decide to go DIY, and where they often fall short.


1. They Say ‘There’s an App for That’

The list of smartphone applications designed for corporate travel is ever-growing. Many of these provide a genuinely useful service, and many don’t cost a cent.

Take Asana for example. It easily allows business travellers to track and assign projects while they’re on-the-go, and has emerged as a go-to work management platforms for business travellers. 

However, when it comes to apps for organising the nitty gritty details of the business trip, many fall short. 


2. They Think Finding the Best Deal is Easy

Flight search and accommodation booking apps, like Skyscanner, allow travellers to find and filter flights. However, they often formulate ludicrous routes in order to get the best deal. Skyscanner is even notorious for hiding layovers until the booking screen.

So while it seems you’ve found a great deal, the time you spend in transit is time lost winning business.

With the help of a travel manager, who has access to a top-of-the-line management platform, knows the ins and outs of finding the best deal, every time. Working with a human means you won’t be flying through 4 continents just to save $100.

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3. They Don’t Think Their Trip is Complicated

Corporate travellers who think their trip is a straight-forward one may decide to tackle the organisation on their own. However, even short domestic business trips can become complex when fights, accommodation, allowances and budgets come into play. Especially if things don’t go according to plan.

Should any part of your itinerary fall through, whether that be flight delays or accommodation difficulties, travel managers are well-equipped to quickly diffuse the situation so you don’t have to.

Organise these by yourself, and one weak-spot in your plan can jeopardise the others - meaning you spend time online and on the phone that you didn’t allow for. The truth is, even simple business trips have a lot of moving parts, so leave the mechanics to the experts so you can focus on the meetings.


4. They think they’ll save money

Sure, forego the services of a travel management company or a travel agent, and you’ll forego the costs of each. However, like any good business person knows, short-term savings don’t always equate to long-term value.

For one, consider the cost of your time before your trip. Organising any form of business travel is a very involved process, and can’t easily be done with the snap of the fingers. Throw in any complications and the hours begin to stack up.

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Secondly, consider the cost of your time during the trip. When you’re racing between high-stakes meetings, can you really afford to be re-arranging a flight itinerary due to delays and cancellations?

Leaving the heavy lifting to your travel manager will save you significantly.


5. They don’t fully understand the services and benefits of a travel management company

Business travellers who decide to organise their own trip often don’t fully understand the services and benefits a travel manager brings to the table.

There are five core elements to a great travel management company:


Unlike automated services like smartphone apps, travel managers become personally invested in your business trip. They strive to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, and through good management software they also make it profitable for the business.


Travel management has evolved to become a highly specialised profession. When you enlist the help of a travel management company, you enlist their invaluable expertise.


Travel managers with a streamlined management platform have a world of savings at their fingertips. Travel management companies provide complete trip planning and buying support and are flexible enough to solve any of your travelling challenges.


Extending your trip at short notice can be a headache if you’ve tackled the booking by yourself. Travel managers can do this with ease, using a scalable management platform.


In short, corporate travellers who decide to organise their own business trip are limited by their technological know-how, and the platforms online and in the app store. Travel managers, on the other hand, know exactly what tools they need to get the job done, and are masters in their operation.

So before you jump into your next business trip with a DIY approach, consider the time, effort and eventual money you’ll save by enlisting the help of the experts in the trade.

Is your business spending too much on corporate travel? Calculate your potential savings using our Travel Savings Calculator below:

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