I was recently asked to contribute to a blog about the most important trends in mobile travel for 2018.

This is an important topic as I spend a lot of time thinking about how technology can enhance the travel experience.

The blog has been published by my friends at Travelport Digital in Dublin, and I am thrilled to be in such good company, as the industry peers involved include;  Bobby Healy from Cartrawler, Sebastian Juarez from eTips, Norm Rose from Travel Tech Consulting, Jason Rabinowitz from Airline Flyer, and Thomas Husson from Forrester. Also great to see some of the sharpest minds at Travelport contribute, including; John Hale from Travelport Hotelzon, Glenville Morris from Travelport Digital, and our President & CEO Gordon Wilson.

Here is my take on the most important trend in mobile travel in 2018:

"Simplification will be the most important trend in mobile travel in 2018. It is vital for technology to help simplify a trip for a user, for example, by recommending the best itinerary and timing. Not having to endlessly shop dates and routes will save the traveler time and money. As an industry, we need to move from offering a mobile version of a legacy solution to offering a killer mobile solution. Start-ups like Hopper, Rocketrip, Upside, Traxo and others are doing some great things and our Travelport Labs Accelerator and regular Hackathons are also very exciting – so watch this space."

For the rest of the predictions, read David MacHale's great blog.


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