Motivating your employees to increase productivity can seem difficult. Distractions constantly rob your team of their focus and lowers the level of productivity, has a direct effect on the measure of quality you provide, and effects the success of your business.

You need to explore new options. No one thing is going to transform your office, but introducing changes slowly will create some surprising results.

Fewer and Shorter Meetings

Meetings are necessary for managing any business. The trick is to make efficient use of the time. Often meetings deteriorate as participants insist on talking about things irrelevant to this particular meeting.

Make sure all attendees clearly understand the purpose of the meeting. Another good idea is scheduling meeting free days to give employees time to focus.

Checking Email

One of the largest time wasting activities in the modern office is checking every single email the moment it comes in. With some businesses it might be required, but productivity in most offices improves by setting aside a block of time, at intervals throughout the day to read and respond to emails.

Take Short Breaks More Often

Many employees skip taking breaks during their workday because they believe they will be more productive. Not so according to studies. In fact, nothing is more harmful to your productivity than employees who do not take regular breaks.

Experts in this area have found that the most productive workers have a routine of 52 minutes of work followed by a 17minute break.

Work Where You’re Most Productive

Your people will perform best in a variety of settings. Some achieve while sitting at their desk and others need the freedom to move. Technology creates an opportunity for many employees to work wherever they feel most comfortable. Focus on the results not on the methods.

Walk or Stand Often

Experts in the area of fitness and medicine seem to agree that the act of sitting for long periods is not healthy for human bodies. Movement is what keeps us vibrant. Explore ways to get your people moving. Walking around, stand up desks, different types of chairs, or whatever gets the blood pumping is going to improve morale and productivity. Get creative, help your team become healthier, and get more done.

Prioritise Work Efficiently

Teach your employees to create a to-do list. Their self-esteem and morale will improve as they tick off completed tasks. Another way to improve their sense of getting things done is to encourage attacking the most unpleasant tasks first. Getting the undesirable task done early creates a positive mentality for the rest of the day.

Do it Now

Encourage employees to stop letting projects or tasks sit undone until the last minute. Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. The longer people let things sit, the harder it becomes to get started. Psychologists say that once started the natural inclination of most people is a compulsion to finish. Help your people get started.

Use Multiple Monitors

One study commissioned by a major computer company showed remarkable increases occurred when employers added two monitors. Working with three screens boosted productivity by about 35.5%. Several other studies have reached a similar conclusion. It seems a simple way for you to help your people get more done.

Let There be Light

Studies have shown that a lack of natural light lowers certain chemicals in the human body. This increases stress, makes it harder to sleep, and can leave workers feeling less than 100%. On the flip side working in an environment with natural light helps people feel better, focus longer, and keeps the work flowing. You need to let the sunshine in!

Promote Healthy Habits

You can help the productivity of your office and the well-being of your people by keeping healthy snacks on hand throughout the day. Everyone loves coffee and donuts, but caffeine and sugar are not the best way to fuel the human engine. You should also encourage exercise among your team. Healthy happy people are productive people.


Productivity is the lifeblood of your business. If your people do not produce profits suffer and your future is questionable. The ideas provided above are perhaps outside your comfort zone as a manager but in many documented cases have proven to have positive results. Think about companies like Google and Apple. They have innovated how employees work by emphasizing results and not methods. 


Written by David Fastuca @Locomote 


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