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Let’s go: travel managers prioritise mobility

By Travelport Locomote on October 2, 2017

OBT or TMC? Why choose – have the best of both worlds

  We all know that the world of corporate travel has seen huge change in recent times. And with advancing technology and new services, like ride- and home-sharing, that trend shows no sign of slowing. In the ‘olden days’, travel agents were the leisure ...

By Travelport LocomoteonSeptember 27, 2017

DIY or enlist an expert? How to manage corporate travel

It’s a long running and frequent argument: do-it-yourself or get an expert in? It can cause friction in personal relationships, where one party insists they’ll get that project done but their timeframe does not match the other’s thinking (did I just ...

By David FastucaonSeptember 27, 2017

Double-edged sword: how the iPhone has changed travel

You don’t have to be that old to remember a time before the iPhone. It was only launched in 2007, but you’d be hard pressed to think of another invention throughout human history that had such an impact on so many in such a short time. So to mark its ...

By Ross FastucaonSeptember 25, 2017