Infographic: The Internet of Things in Business Travel

By David Fastuca on March 9, 2017

3 Staff Travel Management Tips for C-Suite Employees

According to an Oxford Economics USA report, the return on investment of corporate travel is anywhere between $10 and $14.99 per dollar invested. Today’s business leaders understand the profitability of staff travel and its critical function in ...

By Sandra McLeodonMarch 6, 2017

10 Ways to Boost Your Corporate Travel ROI

Corporate travel is one of the best ways your business can access new markets, form profitable national and international partnerships and demonstrate your commitment to clients. But like anything in business, it can always be improved. Here are 10 ways ...

By Pip Spibey-DoddonMarch 5, 2017

Top 5 Internet of Things Innovations in Corporate Travel

The Internet of Things is the network of physical devices connected by electronics in communication. IoT technologies are changing the way we send and receive information, and the way we conduct our professional and personal lives.  In the business ...

By Ross FastucaonMarch 3, 2017