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Corporate travel on the go: the growth of mobile

It’s hard to fathom but the iPhone was only launched a decade ago. Before that, believe it or not, we didn’t need smartphones. We already had devices that helped organise our lives and allowed us to contact friends, family and colleagues wherever we were ...

By Blake HedgeronAugust 31, 2017

Vanishing (Pain) Point #4: Better Bookings

Like many other sectors, corporate travel has changed a lot in recent years, whether driven by tech advances or changing traveller preferences. What remains constant is that major step in any business travel: the booking. Finding the right flight, hotel ...

By Rob WeiszonAugust 28, 2017

Vanishing (Pain) Point #3: Seamless Communication

How often have you seen it – misunderstanding, conflict or inefficiency caused by poor communication? When it comes to business travel in your organisation, Travelport Locomote’s end-to-end corporate travel management platform makes it easier to stay ...

By Rob WeiszonAugust 24, 2017