The 4 C's of Corporate Travel Management

By Sandra McLeod on December 6, 2016

3 Ways CFOs Can Reduce Corporate Travel Expenses in 2017

It’s time for CFOs to reclaim control of their business’ corporate travel programme. Or did they ever have control in the first place? With employee overspending making up as much as a third of a business’ travel and expense budget, and with 15% of all ...

By Pip Spibey-DoddonNovember 30, 2016

So… What is Corporate Travel 3.0, Exactly?

How do you define what is constantly changing? Easy, just add a “2.0”, a “3.0” and a “4.0” when the time requires. The corporate travel industry has undergone massive change over the last few decades, and in many ways, it’s earned its current iteration - ...

By Ross FastucaonNovember 28, 2016