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By Media Release on January 12, 2017

4 Reasons Why Travel Agents Still Matter

“Travel agents?! Weren’t they a thing in the ‘90s?” Fax machines, cassettes, landline telephones, and… travel agents? To many people, travel agencies are just another number on the list of obsolete industries. Millennial travellers in particular often ...

By Sandra McLeodonJanuary 11, 2017

3 Business Travel Basics CFOs Should Review

Whether your business is a corporate travel veteran, or whether your business is new to the game, it’s important for CFOs to play an active role in travel management.  But in an industry that changes so quickly, it’s often hard to keep up with the ...

By Pip Spibey-DoddonJanuary 5, 2017

Inside Eco-Friendly Corporate Travel

“Going green” used to be a way for travel providers to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, however, for today’s environmentally astute corporate travellers, it’s green or nothing. Especially considering the monumental carbon footprint of ...

By Bryan CarrollonDecember 21, 2016